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Fair Trade.

100% Colombian handicrafts, handmade.


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Social and economic transformation for our artisans, head of the family.

Welcome to Atelier 572, an online store dedicated to improving the lives of artisans, bringing a unique piece, handmade, to your home.

Our products are purchased directly from artisans, at a fair price, always making sure to adequately compensate them for their hard work. We also donate 10% of our profits to local early childhood education, in order to increase the level of education of Colombia's high-risk population.

  When you buy an Atelier572 product, you will have a bit of Colombia in your home.

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We have been working hand in hand with women from different areas of the country for more than 15 years, discovering the talents that they express with their hands through each of the pieces of art they make. This is how Atelier 572 brings these unique pieces to each of your homes, with a special value that represents all the wealth of our beloved Colombia. Through products made by hand with natural fibers, designs with a special touch that make each piece unique.

Thank you for supporting Colombian talent!

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We are Colombians abroad, proud to promote the talent and work of artisans from our country, who weave dreams every day.

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